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Handmade Craft

One of the finest things that you can present to the one you care for is something that you have made yourself. But handmade gifts can be time consuming and involves a lot of skill. Therefore selecting the handmade gift that takes least time in preparing is always an excellent option.

Though you can avail a large variety of Christmas gifts from a gift store or online sites, but Christmas gifts handmade always holds a special value to it.
Lets discuss about various Christmas gifts handmade that can be prepared with least effort, time and skill.

Handmade craft ideas

By spending some time in preparing various handmade craft items like a personalised holders, boxes, floor mats or personalised wall hangings is an excellent Christmas gift option.
Apart from creating a good impression on the person you are gifting, these items can also be utilised in their homes or offices by them.

Christmas cards

There is always a certain feeling that arises while making your own Christmas card for someone special. Preparing a Christmas card is one of the easiest things to do.
You can consult various craft books, online sites or take an advice or two from the experts on how to design the unique and most attractive Christmas card.

Personalised necklaces

You just need few letter beads(for names and initials), few spacer beads, add a charm or two to the simple chain and you can make a good necklace for a female, be it your mother, sister, girlfriend or grand mother.
If this isn’t enough. You can make two matching necklaces, wear one for yourself and gift the other one to your dear ones. This way you can make the other person feel special.
What better Christmas gift can one ask for?

Handmade stepping stone

You can personalise with a stone, marble, or other memorable pebble. You can mark the year on the stone, share words, display messages and many more that will make it a unique and memorable Christmas day present.

Bookmarks can be a great craft presenting

You can create a unique, good looking book thong for your friend so that every time they read a book, they remember you.
With the use of dried flowers, papers, ribbons or needlepoint thread, you can show your creative skills and present your dear ones with a unique and stylish looking bookmark this Christmas.

Decorated throw pillows

You can decorate a pre made throw pillow with fabric paint. With the help of fabric glue, you can paste various buttons and other mementos on it.
Besides this, you can also use fabric crayons or reverse dying to give an splendid look to your throw pillow.

It is understandable that preparation of a handmade gift involves a lot of time and skill. Therefore you can present your dear ones with the above gift ideas by saving your time and efforts and on the same hand making them feel really special.

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