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Chicago School DJ | Chicago School Rockers

Chicago School DJ | Chicago School Rockers

Interactive, High energy, State-of-the-art…. Are these words you’ve read on just about every other Chicago School DJ’s website? Have you ever booked one of these companies for your school dance then later felt like you were lied to? Year after year, we receive calls like these from school’s who thought they were getting professional entertainment then later realized they didn’t quite get what they bargained for. If this is you, then we’re excited you’ve found us! It’s time for a change! We invite you to watch our School Dance Promo Video and see how your next Chicago school dance could look and sound. After 10 years of experience you’ll be confident using our professional Chicago School DJs.

Our Purpose…

So at this point you’re probably wondering, “What can you do for me?” We’ll its simple, at Operation Get down we spend months out the year researching the hottest trends in Chicago and Melbourne DJ music, fashion, and entertainment. We then turn around and weave all of those trends into a Chicago School DJ company with style!

What Makes Our Chicago School DJs Different?

  • Younger DJs that your kids can relate to and be excited to see.
  • Online request system so the kid’s can choose their favorite songs.
  • Free Promotional Posters to help increase dance attendance.
  • Theatrical lighting effects that create a dynamic atmosphere.
  • Unique mixing abilities like DJ Flipside to keep your students dancing all night.
  • Dance contests and free giveaways to create excitement.
  • Sirens and other effects for motivation and ambience.
  • Interactive dances with our own unique twists to keep kids moving.
  • Principal approved mobile dj Birmingham music that is tasteful and clean.