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Business of Photography

At the most basic level the business of photography falls into two very broad categories: 1. assignment photography and 2. stock photography Assignment Photography Niche Assignment Photography is photography commissioned by a client. Assignment photography can be thought of as custom photography, done to meet client’s unique needs. Advertising of specific products, executive por traits,… View more

Photographer Portfolio Types

Working Portfolio: This type contains a limited amount of your work. Just include a few of your best shots. General Portfolio: This type is used for casual showings that might include a lawyer, businessperson, a banker, stock agency, book publisher, etc. It’s big and loaded with examples of the range of your work. This is… View more

Incredible Audio Player Post

In a professional context it often happens that private or corporate clients corder a publication to be made and presented with the actual content still not being ready. Think of a news blog that’s filled with content hourly on the day of going live. However, reviewers tend to be distracted by comprehensible content, say, a… View more