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Hair Salon And Spa For A Fully New Look

Softly curled waves look romantic for both short and long flowing hair. If the bride to be has straight hair this may be accomplished with rag rollers, jumbo rollers or hot rollers. If the bride to be has naturally curly hair, this can be enhanced with mousse, a finger diffuser and a curling iron to… View more

Why Not Try Homemade Soap for Sale

When asked to choose between homemade soaps that are being sold with commercially produced soaps, take a look at the label. Most commercial soaps are petroleum-based, some are even classified as detergent. These are cheap since they are massed produced compared to homemade soaps but skin problems like eczema, photosensitivity, dermatitis to name a few… View more

How To Make Homemade Beauty Products

More and more people are going back to basics by patronizing “green” products. And if they’re still not satisfied with what the product that they have, they create one themselves. This is true not only for food items and apparels, but also beauty products. Big cosmetic companies and brands are known to include artificial ingredients… View more

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