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Always Hand Made is your solution to always having that much-needed card at hand. We know you’ve been there….a friend has had a horrible week and comforting words often escape you, yet you want to show your support or add humor to the situation. Always Hand Made card number 003 would be the answer and you’d have it at hand. You choose the cards and we mail them to you. Traffic, retail lines, useless searching through long card verses is over. Now you’ll always have the card in hand and be ready for any situation. All styles have the option to be blank, as they are each indivually hand made. Always Hand Made was created with the purpose of brightening that special person’s day.

Any event grand enough for an invitation is a day worth preparing for and remembering. Intrigue each guest’s excitement for the event with their own personal handmade invitation, to your special occasion. Birthday parties – weddings – whatever the reason, Always Hand Made creates the invite for your day. With your preferred colors and style the designer creates the perfect one for you, then hand makes the rest of the invitations for your guests.

Be sure to check back regularly. We are going to be having new specialty and holiday cards (i.e. birthday, christmas, etc.) added to the site soon.

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